Virtual Reality Experiences

Now Available at Escape Challenge Redditch in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre is our Virtual Reality Arcade and free roaming VR team experiences for groups of 2-6 players aged 8 and above which are great to book for families, friends, work outings, team building or schools and clubs.

Our solo arcade experience includes games such as Space Pirate Trainer, Vacation Simulator, Oh Shape, Fruit Ninja, Pistol Whip or many more. The solo VR arcade experience is available on a first come first served basis (around pre-booked VR Experiences) and costs from £10 per 15 minute session.

Alternatively we also offer longer free roaming team experiences for 2 to 6 people all in the same experience at the same time.  These VR Experiences include virtual laser tag,  virtual escape rooms, zombie survival plus more being added all the time. 

Each virtual reality team experience can be booked in advance in 20 and 45 minute timeslots. 

Outside of pre-booked experience times we are open from 11:00 until 18:00 Tuesday – Sunday for information, booking support and for walk up solo arcade or team VR experience bookings. We would always recommend booking in advance at least 1 hour before your arrival time.

Due to Covid restrictions we are currently only able to accommodate teams of 6 per booking with only 4 headsets in operation at any one time. All players are required to hand sanitise on arrival, wear face coverings throughout the booking and wear the special disposable VR eye face mask provided to each player on arrival.  For teams of 5 or more each player is assigned their own VR headset and controllers and we swap out players each game to ensure every one gets equal time in the experiences.

Photos & Videos of our Virtual Reality Experiences in Action

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Book A Free Roaming Virtual Reality Experience

To book one of our free roaming VR experiences please choose the amount of time you would like for your experience (20 mins or 45 mins), then select the date you would like and it will then display a list of available times for that date. Finally select the quantity of players and click continue to enter your details and payment information.  

Don’t see the booking widget below?  Contact Us with the date, time and amount of people you would like to book for and we can manually book it in for you.

Virtual Reality Experiences Available

vr laser tag - virtual laser tag game - laser tag arena - virtual reality laser tag experience

Virtual Reality Laser Tag

Exactly like “normal” laser tag and laser quest the only difference is rather than running around in a themed room wearing a light up vest and gun you get to run around shooting each other in a virtual world with changing layouts every round keeping it interesting and fun every time you play.

Our virtual laser tag can be set up as player vs player death match, team battles and capture the flag.

Last Stand Zombie Survival - free roaming untethered Virtual reality experience

Last Stand Zombie Survival

With just 30 seconds to prepare your defences and choose your weapons for the pending zombie attack do you have what it takes to survive.  

With each wave the zombies get quicker and harder to kill and as  pressure mounts you’ll need to work as a team or choose which one of your team mates to feed to the zombies to buy you more time. What ever it takes to make sure you survive.

cyber virus free roaming virtual reality game experience

Retro Cyber Virus Attack

You and your Squad of heroic digital warriors try to eradicate the cyber virus that has taken over the system and is spreading across the world.

A fast paced retro meets futuristic shooter with dynamic game play. Dodge Lasers, bullets and shoot your way through firewalls all while trying to work together to try and eradicate the enemy with your laser guns.

Bow and Arrow Battle

 Armed with your trusty bow and arrows you must work as a team to protect the magic tree from the ogre’s and beasts that are being sent to destroy it. 

Every wave attack gets bigger and tougher to defend against sometimes needing more than 1 person to bring down the ogre or beast.   

Ghost Hunter (Coming Soon!)

If there’s something strange in the neighbourhood… Who you going to call?   Ghost Hunters!  You are a team of ghost hunters armed with your super powerful Ghost Vacuum and the aim of the game is to suck up as many Ghosts as you can! 

Great for both children and adults as a great introduction into Virtual Reality Experiences.

Cops Vs Robbers (Coming Soon!)

The vault has been broken open, a robbery is on it’s way.

Join the fray as either Cop or a Robber and shoot it out on the inside of a bank.   

Similar to our standard VR laser tag but cops and robbers themed.

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