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The first new Escape Experience theme “The Last Outpost” has now launched.  Booking online is now available by clicking here…

Escape Challenge is Redditch’s first ever Themed Escape Experience where you are immersed in a themed environment for 60 minutes and have to solve the puzzles and challenges to try and escape.

We able to accommodate team sizes from 2- 6 players per experience with a choice of booking 1 escape room through to  booking the whole venue.

It’s a great experience for friends, families, corporate events, team building, hen and stag do’s plus many more.

Timeslots can be booked in advance with the last session starting at 22:00 Tuesday to Sunday.

Bookings can be made on the day on a first come first served basis or via our website in advance.  For peak times such as the weekends we would always recommend booking in advance and not leaving it until the day.

Our Escape Rooms:

Deep in the heart of the jungle communication outposts have been going offline with engineering teams failing to return.  With just one outpost remaining you will need to navigate through the jungle, find the last remaining communications outpost and make sure it survives at any cost! Without it you’ll be lost in the jungle forever!

Can you find and save the last outpost in under 1 hour??? A dark but fun escape room designed for teams of 2-6 people. 

Please Note: We advise a minimum age of 12+ when going in as a group without adult supervision. However family groups or other teams with a mixture of adults and children within the group are fine to enter the experience.

The Space Challenge **CLOSED**

With only an hour of air left you are the only surviving crew aboard a malfunctioning spaceship left in ruins after a collision with a satellite.

You must work out how to fix systems, re-initiate the ships artificial intelligence system and try to communicate with the space commander back on earth.

How many of the group can survive before the air runs out or would you make the choice to sacrifice one of your team to save the rest?

This is the Escape Experience that will test you as a team and an individual.

Parties or Corporate Bookings

Hire one experience or the whole venue for your private party or corporate event.

Ideal for

Birthday’s and Family Gatherings

Team Building,

Work Parties


plus more.

Discounts available for large bookings.

Book Online

Please Note: A new control unit is being installed to The Last Outpost Experience and as such no bookings can be made until after 08-05-2022.

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