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Designed and developed with creative and interactive play in mind Challenge Zone will try to help you push your boundaries in a fun and exciting way.

Never before has Redditch had a venue like it and in 2021 we’ll be combining a lively licenced snack and drinks bar with escape rooms, virtual reality experiences and a retro arcade area.

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2x Escape Room Themes

2x fully immersive and interactive escape room themes with a whole array of puzzles and challenges for you to work through as a team.

Ideal as a get together for family, friends or work mates.

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7x Virtual Reality Areas

4x swap and share VR Arcade game booths with all the popular VR Titles.

2x free roam VR Experience areas

1x VR Arena

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Retro Arcade

Bringing a mixture of the classic games from long ago such as PacMan, Space Invaders, Street Fighter and pinball along side games created by local game production talent – there’s something for everyone.

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Interactive, online game streams

Not local to the area but want to join in the fun and test your abilities? Well why not take part in one of Challenge Zone’s Online Charity Interactive Games Streams.

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